Prioritize IPv4 over IPv6

We’ve come across a URL which is accessible by some users but blocked for others. When the website is blocked, it shows in the logs but when the website is accessible, there are no logs in the portal. All users are assigned the same App Profile and rules. After performing and reviewing the packet capture on the machine where the website is accessible, traffic is using IPv6.

We performed a quick test by enabling the "Prioritize IPv4 over IPv6’ option in the App Profile, and now traffic is identified and blocked accordingly.

Wanted to know if others have this option enabled and if so, did you experience any other issues? Just trying to see if this could cause some other unforeseen issues. We are running ZCC and soon to be rolling out



Hello Raj,

we have enabled this for all our users and AFAIK we had no issue yet which would clearly be due to this switch. But as always → rollout in small batches :wink:


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We have it enabled for all users and solves a few issues like this!

Much appreciated. We’ll get it rollout out in a small pilot group before enabling across all App Profiles.