Problems accessing


Our company’s employees have to browse for business needs, and we recently had issues with it using Zscaler App & ZIA.

Zscaler support answered us that the website was sending a Close Notify to the browser, and advised us to allow the traffic through our on premises firewalls and add a direct redirection in the ZIA PAC File, so that the traffic does not reach the website from Zscaler.

Any other Zscaler customer having the issue ?

Thanks !


I wanted to complete my initial post by saying that SSL inspection is on in our settings, but we tried to add an exception for in it to no avail.


Does bet365 have geo-location restrictions only allowing you to connect from certain countries?
Try sending traffic to a different Service Edge in another country using the PAC file to see if that works.

Hello Gordon, thank you for answering.

The Zscaler support made us try do changes to the configuration so that we were going to bet365 from other Datacenters in France, and another country, and it did not work.

Seems to be rather a case of bet365 not accepting connexions from Zscaler proxies.

If you’re on Zscaler too, do you experience the case on your end ?

Cheers !

We have the Gambling category blocked so can’t test it easily but let me setup something to test for you.

That’s very kind of you, thanks you !