Product roadmap and view submitted FRE’s

(Alex) #1

Does ZScaler have roadmap presentation or a website to see the roadmaps?
Also would like to see and vote on FRE’s submited by other customers. Something similar to what can provide. Thanks,

(Haggai Polak) #2

Hi Alex,

Thank you for being an active participant in our communities!

We do not have an externally facing, public roadmap. As you probably know, most if not all vendors do not publish a roadmap on a public forum since it is sensitive and confidential information. The only exception may be an imminent feature release where we may publish a video or article with upcoming features like we had just done for our 5.5 cloud release.

That said, the Product Management team will be happy to present roadmap and discuss Enhancement Requests with any customer in a one-on-one setting. Please ask for that to happen through your account team or contact me directly at and I will inform them.

Our Enhancement Request system is internal and does not support external voting. We had looked at before but have not made a decision on it yet. We do keep track of ER popularity and prioritize accordingly.

(Alex) #3

Hi Haggai,
You don’t have to publish the roadmaps and FRE’s to the Internet. It could be published to authenticated ZScaler customers only.

(Alex) #4

So far I have not heard anything on the roadmap.

(Alex) #5

Have not heard anything on the roadmap.