Proxy failover with MSTSC

(andrew winter) #1

Can anyone share some light on how aggressive MSTSC.exe is in detecting a bad proxy and failing over to a second entry in the return statement, and whether it is configurable? I couldnt find anything on Microsoft’s public websites.

We have a customer who is tunneling RDP traffic via SSL to a public RDP gateway which does take a minute or two to reconnect when a proxy is marked bad.


(Manish Jasyal) #2

Hi @andreww

I don’t think I can answer that question with full certainty. Those details are not publicly available.
What I could suggest, however, is to use our Zscaler App for better failover. The app detects failover more efficiently than regular browsers or processes. ZApp does not handle regular RDP traffic (3389) but it should be able to pass RDP over SSL(443) traffic.