Proxy File type .vsd

(Alex) #1

Looks like there is no file type .vsd for MS Visio.
How can I allow this file type w/o allowing all files types?

(Ryan Bos) #2

Unfortunately .vsd files aren’t currently available for file type control. Zscaler is constantly working on adding additional file types for the File Type Control feature, but I don’t have an ETA of when vsd will be added to the list. We are aware of this limitation though.

(Alex) #3

This is strange as visio is a part of MS Office.
Are you saying there is no ETA on vsd file type to be included? I have users requesting the access. What should I tell my users?

(Ryan Bos) #4

Currently I do not see an ETA on when this file type will be added. I will go back to our Engineering team to request this to be added. If you would like to track this request, I would suggest you open a ticket with our Support team and they could keep you in the loop with this request.

In the meantime, .vsd files would fall in the “Undetect File” type under “Other” in File Type Control in the Zscaler Admin UI,

(Alex) #5

Ok thanks. Could you provide an FRE# for .vsd file type?
I will ask to expedite this FRE from my side.
Allowing “Undetected” or “unknown” type is not going to help as does not match the security posture for my org.
We have to block everything by default and authorize access by exception. Thanks,

(Ryan Bos) #6

If you have a TAM or support engineer you are working with, you can reference ER-64. I’ve just asked Engineering if/when we could add .vsd to the feature, so I will update you on this thread when I get a response. Thanks!

(Alex) #7

Is there any update on the ETA?