Proxy PAC - Zscaler

(Rajeev Srikant) #1

I have existing Proxy PAC which is hosted in my internal server & it is working fine.
When I tried to copy paste the proxy PAC file into custom hosted PAC in Zscaler , I observed the below.

  • Add new PAC file
  • Copy the PAC file details to the Zscaler Hosted file
  • Input Description, PAC file name, Domain

After this when I tried to verify the PAC it says, PAC file evaluated correctly.
But when I try to save it, it says Error! PAC has suspicious content

Any idea why the PAC file hosted in my server is working & why it is not accepting in Zscaler Host PAC.

(Scott Bullock) #2

There’s something in the PAC logic that’s tripping our scanner. Best open a support case for this one.