Reactivate Internet Security

Looking at ZApp App Profiles, we can reactivate the ZApp enforcement at up to 24 hours after a user disables it. Is there a maximum number of times that this can happen? My concern is that if I allow a group to have 2 hours of ‘disabled’ time, they will be able to immediately disable it again as soon as Internet Security is automatically turned back on. Is there any way to only allow this to happen once a day and/or week possibly?

Hi Ben,

You are correct with the behaviour you have observed. If you have a configured disable password, it is possible to utilise one-time passwords. The per-device password will change once the device has re-enabled traffic forwarding.

This requires Zapp 1.5

It would be great to be able to access the “one-time” password via the API.
You could build a web front end around that to enforce a “once-per-day” disabled time.

Getting the OTP via API is quickly becoming one of the most requested items for mobile admin API. I can’t comment on when this API will be implemented, but this will be one of the first items covered by the API.