Redundancy for NSS appliance

(Alex) #1

We have the license for NSS server, but ZScaler can provide a single vm only. We need 2 NSSs appliances for primary and secondary datacenters. Could ZScaler provide the second vmware appliance for the redundancy? The configuration would be the same on the primary and secondary appliances.

(Lidor Pergament) #2

Hi Alex, please contact Zscaler support. Your are eligible for 2 NSS VMs with an NSS subscription.

(Alex) #3

As per submitted ticket 503625 we are only licensed for 1 NSS server. Could you please advise?

(Lidor Pergament) #4

Yes, I will work with support.

(Alex) #5

From the support notes looks like The issue is with provisioning NSS.

Does this mean that ZIA business bundle allows only 1 NSS vm?

(Lidor Pergament) #6

If your company has subscribed to Business Suite you need to first subscribe to NSS as an add-on (per-user subscription fee & the fixed management SKU - Live or 1-hour recovery). If you have Business Bundle, then the NSS per user subscription is included in the bundle and you get 2 NSS VMs in Live Mode. Are you subscribed to Business Bundle or Business Suite?

(Alex) #7

I think we have business bundle. At the time of the purchase Business suite was not available.