Remote desktopconnection

Can anyone confirm to me that we will still be able to do remote desktop connections
to users desktops.

currently use windows VPN connect to network, open remote desktop type in FQDN
connect to user desktop.

Not running any RDP servers straight connection from VPN appliance to user desktop.

I have looked but am not finding anything that says this is possible or not. Will have Licenses for ZPA and ZIA.

Thank you

Yes you will be able to RDP to your internal desktops with ZPA.

Can someone describe how that scenario would physically work through ZPA since Remote Desktop to an internal desktop PC is not a web application?

ZPA and transport and UDP/TCP application where the client originated the connection.

You may be thinking of Browser Access, which currently requires something like Apache Guacamole to transport consoles (RDP, SSH) over HTTPS.

How would you configure this so that a group of users get full RDP access to all devices on specified subnets instead of having to configure separate policies for individual users to have access to only to one specific device?