Removal Pending Device State


I have about 4% of devices in our environment under this state.

Few questions:

  • Having a device here on this state it does not mean that they are consuming a license, correct? As this is the device and not the user.
  • Is it safe to remove this number of devices on this state? What would be benefit of doing so? Just to clean up the database and remove these PCs?
  • Clearing these PCs on this state, would it release any ZPA licenses? Only if the user had one PC and PC is under this state of removal pending, correct?
  • Is it safe to say that a PC on this state it is not using ZIA and ZPA, correct?

Thank you

Hi @Allan_Castro ,

First, to explain the different states. There are two kinds of “Remove”, one is “Remove” and one is “Force Remove”.

When you Remove a device, it marks the device for removal (Device Removal Pending) and then the next time that device checks in, it will be logged out, and then moved to the “Removed” state. If the device never checks in again, it will remain in “Device Removal Pending”.

Force Remove, has the the same effect as Remove, though it additionally moves the device straight to Removed and also signals the cloud to invalidate the user’s session.

Also for you question on license - After the next keepalive connection, the status changes to Unregistered and that will not count against licenses.