Report an issue in Z-App

Is it possible for customers to analyze the logs from report an issue?

Hi Paul, I dont think this is possible, only Zscaler support can decrypt the logs from the email “report an issue”, but the logs are in raw text format in programdata zscaler folder, and you could use other tools like the splunk agent to collect them on the client. Hope this helps.

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That’s an idea. Thanks The report an issue is a convenient way to get the logs but we can’t do anything with him that I’ve been able to see.

The new ZApp release coming soon allows you to export logs without encryption.

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Hey all,

Yes, just to confirm. in 2.1.2 for Windows and MacOS, when you do ‘export logs’, it will zip up the logs un-encrypted. If you do ‘report an issue’ the same archive will be generated, but encrypted. This is because it’s being sent to Zscaler Support so we want to ensure security in transit there. iOS and Android should already behave the same way.



Thanks for this information.