Reporting and Communication of ZEN Performance Issues

A question for the community:
We’ve recently experienced some performance problems caused by high-CPU utilization on the cloud ZEN’s. Zscaler have been quick to respond to our tickets but have sometimes taken hours or days to confirm they have an issue. The recent and on-going high-CPU issues in Seattle which is not being reported on the Trust portal.

I can understand there is a balance between reporting problems immediately and causing panic, and taking time to diagnose and identify issues before formally announcing issues.

I feel that Zscaler can sometimes (most of the time?) take too long to announce they may have a problem or have a problem. I would much rather know early on that they are investigating a problem and it be false positive than find they have a problem and be told too late.

In the trading environment additional network latency can make ten’s or hundred’s of thousand of dollars difference.

I’m interested in other customers comments on this. Would you like to get much earlier visibility of potential cloud ZEN performance issues?

Hi Gordon

I’m the platform and cloud operations product manager for Zscaler.

Zscaler cloud consists of many thousands of processing nodes (ZEN’s). Our cloud is growing and our capacity is also growing to keep us the demanding needs of onboarding more customers, that consume more bandwidth and using more features.

Our policy to notify policy for cloud wide event is aligned with the industry standard - is designed to provide transparency into our operation quality. We provide a 90 days overview of the service history (which is above the industry average).

It is true that issues that have a limited effect on a single customer or limited amount of users; we support the customer and due to limited exposure - we have no reason to alert our broader customer base - so these issues will not be reported in trust.

I will be more than happy to work with you or any other customer that thinks that we have not provided sufficient transparency to any event. feel free to reach my direct email address


Amir Levy