Reports / Alerts on Disconnected Agents


(Ilya) #1

Has anyone developed a process to identify who’s ZApp agents are turned off or not running? Seems there are no alerts or reports. My concern is that service desk is disabling agents when troubleshooting and forgetting to turn the agents back on. I know it gets turned back on on reboot, but with Mac users, they can go days without a reboot.

(David Creedy) #2


Today the best way to determine this is based on the devices last seen date. If this is current it is still online.

We are adding some capabilities soon that should also help with this also, which include a grace period for re-enabling services automatically, and also displaying a current status in the Zscaler App Portal to indicate if users have logged out or not.



(Ilya) #3

Thanks David. Where can I find the value for devices last seen date?

(Scott Bullock) #4

You can find this by going to Policy -> Zscaler App Portal -> Enrolled
Devices, then select/click the device.


(Ilya) #5

Thank you @skottieb! I didn’t know there were more details. After I exported the list I have everything I need. I will use this method in the meantime.

(Ilya) #6

@dcreedy Are there any updates on the additional features for checking ZApp status and forcing app to connect after grace period?

(David Creedy) #7

These are still planned for the next release which is in development now.

I can’t comment on the timelines at this point.