Route Based Recommended Sceanrio?


I have a little question about Driver Types of Zscaler App.

All of Zscaler kb says “Packet Filter Based” is recommended.
One of these even says ,Quote,“Previously, when in Tunnel mode or when using ZPA, Z App created a new virtual network adapter on Windows platforms.”
It is as if this is past thing.

Does Zscaler see “Route Based” as out-of-date tool?
“Route Based” is Don Quijote of Zscaler service?
There are no scenario to recommend “Route Based”?


Hi Yosef,
The LWF driver is recommended for Windows but the Route Based tunnel mode is still required for Mac for e.g.

Hi, Jamie

Thank you, I missed Mac or others may need it.

Then, for Windows devices, is it totally useless?
Even if Zscaler removes Route Based(Windows) from Forwarding Profile, there will not be any problem?

Kind Regards,

Hi @Yosh and @Jamie_Brown,

Is there more information on your side regarding the route-based usage on other devices than Windows?
I posted a question on this way in antoher post: ZCC (ZApp) Traffic handling for MacOS, iOS and Androis devices

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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