Route Web and Non-Web traffic through Zscaler

Hi All,

I am curios to know how to route the web and non web traffic through Zscaler, as we have enabled Advance cloud firewall.
and client is asking to route all non web traffic through Zscaler.
recently we have complete local break out and enable GRE tunnel on all regional Plant.

below Forwarding Method used .

  1. off trusted network ZCC Tunnel 2.0
  2. VPN trusted network ZCC tunnel 2.0
  3. Trusted Network GRE+Tunnel 1.0

in first two forwarding method all web non web traffic is routing via ZScaler.
but trusted Network ( office network ) non web traffic is not routing via Zscaler, its back-haul to DC firewall.

Can someone suggest how to route all web and non web traffic via Zscaler when user on Trusted network.

Have you check all policies applied on the lightweight filter level?
If I am not wrong, the traffic meets the rule with the lightweight filter even before it meets the tunnel.