Rule tracing/simulation

Anyone aware about an option do do rule tracing in ZIA?
So something which would show exactly which rules get triggered for a given request.

I have an URL which does not get SSL inspected - but can’t find the exact rule which disabled SSLi for it
Or say i have a URL which gets blocked. Which exact rule triggered this block?

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you may see under web insights logs

Thanks; not seeing the wood for all the trees

But would there be any way to simulate that? Means i put an URL into some ‘test me’ script or alike and this one then shows me the exact path this took trough the policy, which rules got triggered etc.?

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such option is not available as of now.

This would be really helpful to have since it’s not always obvious from the web insights logs

You can check it form Web Insights → Logs

If you pick the field “Blocked Policy Name” from the top right side in Web Inisght, you will then see the Policy Name


You can request new webInsight option to see the Allow rulename for URL and Cloud App Control, just open support ticket. But seems got some bug as not all rulename captured. I wish can see the rulename for SSL Inspection, file type control, etc rule as well, hope Zscaler add that in roadmap.


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The SSL Policy Reason should show you the applied SSL Policy.

So just a support ticket stating we’d like “new webInsight option to see the Allow rulename for URL and Cloud App Control”