SafeSearch blocking YouTube Live Streams

It turns out the ‘Enforce SafeSearch’ option in URL & Cloud App Control blocks access to YouTube live streams, due to Restricted Mode.


Anyone have ideas on keeping Safe Search enabled but allow access to live streams?

I wonder if you defined specific channels in your allow list keyword filter for a specific channel ID. As far as opening all of live, you might need to get craft with regex. I think most channel live feeds in with /live if I am not mistaken.

Haven’t tested this myself but worth exploring.

We’ve had this problem as well and I can’t remember if it’s a bug or expected behavior.
We had to turn off SafeSearch in the end.

There is ER-8730 for more granular controls to be implemented into the SafeSearch feature, if you want to get added.

The workaround is to create an SSL Bypass for YouTube…

If you do SSL bypass for YouTube you will lose control on who all are uploading videos on YouTube incase you are restricting upload via Cloud App Control.

You can create an exception rule in SSL inspection by allowing a DL only trusted employees or VIPs who really need access to restricted videos.