Saving files to File Share is extremely slow

@Taieb. It is both extension. I am also running application .exe file which connects to database to returns a login prompt and takes up to 5 min.
ticket number are

Alright, thanks for these details.

We are looking at standing up a SMB file share in the Cloud through Azure.
At the current rate, this is very slow you are talking sub 200-300 KB/s.

Any suggestion on where to start - only a issue as it’s going through ZPA.

Hey John,

we use Azure Storage Sync Services via a dedicated Azure Windows VM as SMB provider and cache and Azure Storage as backend. All through ZPA. We got about 5-10 MB/s (40-80 Mbit/s) up and down. Right now it fully uitlizes my upload bandwith at home.

Do you use a similar setup?