Securing multi-cloud and hybrid access with ZPA

As the economics of cloud become harder to deny, organizations are taking advantage of various cloud compute options to move workloads out of their private data centers. What we don’t see very much of are organizations choosing only a single cloud vendor for their applications. Hybrid clouds often leverage both a local data center and multiple commercial cloud offerings

This presents a challenge to having a single security policy without hair pining your users through your data center to get to cloud providers or using lots of separate access controls. You need to keep your apps secure, but how do you do that without VPNs from your data centers or an access control app for each vendor?

The answer is ZPA. In this introduction video I’ll show you how Zscaler allows you to access your private apps in your hybrid data center model. You’ll see how we put together a seamless model that keeps all your separate cloud and data center apps secure.