Service Edge Vs Private Zen

Can anyone tell me the difference between Service Edge and Private ZEN. The Use case for both seems to be same in Zscaler documents. Both are extension of ZEN that are deployed On-Premise. Only difference noticeable is Service Edge comes with cluster of 3 or 5 ZEN instance, whereas Private ZEN comes with 1 HW with LB.

Ganesh Krishnan

Hi Ganesh,

Both are the same thing. As we are seeing increasing customers with very large pipe that may want to use our on premise cloud managed hardware, we have rebrand the PZEN to service edge with different pricing and packaging.

So if your customer is already a PZEN customer, normally we will continue to offer them through the old PZEN packaging, and leave service edge only to new customer to avoid confusion.

But technically these two terms are interchangeable.

Best Regards,

Jones Leung

SE Manager, Greater China

ZScaler, Inc