Site Review URL open to public internet

(Ajit) #1

The site Review URL of Zscaler can be used to request re-categorization only if we are an authenticated user, is there any open platform where we can submit re-categorization like the Bluecoat URL . The reason I am asking is because I manage multiple clients remotely and do not go through the Zscaler proxy service and I have seen multiple customer requesting for this option.

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Ajit,
The best way to do this would be via a support ticket, this will also allow you to track the status of the request.



(Lidor Pergament) #3

Adding @jwhalen who owns SiteReview. We have heard this requirement in the past…

(Jeff Whalen) #4

Hi Ajit, @skottieb has the top suggestion in order to submit suggestions today. We’re working on some other site improvements and making it open to anyone won’t make the cut for the first go round, but we can take a look to see what that would entail. For now, please send in a support ticket for recategorization requests.


(Ajit) #5

The reason we are asking this site review to be open is to do a self service of categorization based on the IOC list we colect. Our CISO does this and they dont generally go via the zsclaser proxy. Now if you cant open up site review for all cant you do an authetication based login then say we will setup local users in Zsclaser admin portal and based on that you can authenticate to the site reivew or something like that. Just a thought.
Anyways thanks for looking into this.


If you’re a Google site, I have a Google apps script review interface built which could be used, the idea being if a user hits a block, there is a redirect to the Google-site front-end, fills out a form, and the request goes into a Google sheet via Google apps script. It also captures their Google login. This would help if you’re doing fairly company-specific requests as opposed to very general “Error in Zscaler categorization” requests.

Mine is designed for schools where student or teacher hits a block, say a game. School might be blocking games but student feels it’s a ‘good game’ which should be whitelisted. The script would not handle a scenario where site is classified as ‘dining’ but should be classified as ‘shopping’ (since the user would not hit a block).

I have another one which will accept broader/anonymous input (still done in Google).

(Ajit) #8

Mine is customer specific, but what has happened is a customer was not using SSL inspection and they missed to block Miscellaneous category in the "If SSL inspection is not enabled block the categories section. Now they have identified it but the traffic hitting Miscellaneous category is very huge for them so we started putting then in local white list, but the list is very huge and cannot be done manually.

The customer also has Bluecoat and they checked the URL against Bluecoat site review URL which is public and 9 out of 10 URLS are in some specific category as opposed to Zscaler which put them in Miscellaneous . I just submitted a list of 1800 URLS that needs to be re-categorized with Zscaler just because Zscaler site review is not open to all.

(Pieter Van Roosbroek) #9

@jwhalen I wanted to dig deeper into the improvements which you mentioned. My customer is facing the fact that he is not receiving any updates on the categorization process, although this seems to be a feature which is currently supported.
Can you please confirm if customers are currently not provided with updates after posting a URL and let me know if this behavior will change?

(Jeff Whalen) #10

@pvanroosbroek, Thanks for the question. We’ve got a sitereview re-design that’s in design review right now. There will be an email field that is used to request feedback from Zscaler when submitting urls for review, which will be answered by the review team when filled out by the requester. We will be validating emails, so the requester should use a email address in the domain that is part of the Zscaler service in order to get feedback.

Regarding existing, open requests, if there’s something specific, please let me know over email and we can discuss with our support organization.