"siteview.zscaler.com" does not work


We are trying to use “sitereview.zscaler.com”, but this web site does not go well.

How can I solve this problem?

I am seeing the same issue. no solution from zscaler yet.

I’ll work with IT to see what’s happening, did either of you file a ticket and if so can you provide the numbers for me? Thanks.

Yes, ticket opened since November. 967304

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OK, let me see what’s happening, thanks.

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@yuta519 @chris.olson
The error is seen when you access sitereview without going through Zscaler. Kindly enable Zscaler app or go through tunnel and try again.
There is a UI bug open to change the error message.


Thank you Pankaj. That does fix the issue. Is that restriction by design or is it something that will be fixed at some point?

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@chris.olson that is by design and we do not intend to change it as of now.
Better error message will help understand the issue and take corrective action. I’ll take care of it. Thanks.

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Thank you for answering. And I understand the situation of this error message . If I could request, I want this system open.

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