Slow file saving to network drives via ZPA

Hi Team,

We have seen some issues where users try to save large files to network drives over ZPA, it takes very long time. Switching to old VPN solution this complete fairly quickly

Try the Zscaler MTR test between you client connector and the Zscaler cloud, between the app connector and the zscaler cloud and between the app connector and end servers as said in Saving files to File Share is extremely slow - #18 by Taieb.

Also you can look at Zscaler troubleshooting tools for connectivity and performance/slowness issues for how to check zscaler trust site for known issues or use the zscaler analyzer tool.

Another pointer is that for ZPA still the DTLS option is not enabled on all the tenants so you may ask someone to unlock it so you can test as many VPN use DTLS or IPSEC for better performance than TLS for VOIP or large file transfers.

I agree with Niokolay.

Additional Questions :

  1. Is this a basic file share OR DFS one ?
  2. Any third party DLP solution installed on the Endpoint ?
  3. How large are the files in question ?
  4. Is it only file upload slow or is download slow too ?


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