So thankful for Zenith Community and all our members!

As the cost of living soars each day, families in need are having to make the difficult decision between paying bills and feeding their families. This should never be a choice. Every family deserves to eat healthy food.

Yesterday, @Cjablonski and I volunteered our afternoon to help out families in need at Silicon Valley Second Harvest . We were representing our individual teams and our amazing company, Zscaler.

In 3 hours, 29 of us had sorted 31,500 lbs of fresh produce and packaged them in neat boxes. To offer some perspective on why this number matters, 31,500 lbs of food provides for over 5000 people in need for a whole week. Individually, each one of us sorted and handled 1100 lbs of produce! Second Harvest is now providing nutritious food to over 400,000 people each month, a 60% increase over pre-pandemic numbers.

In the end, it was a true feeling of accomplishment, of happiness, and selflessness. We all deserve to feel this way! Thank you Team Agilent, for including us in your group!

Giving back should remain a huge part of who we are as a society and an important tradition that we hand down to the next generation.

As we in America head towards our Thanksgiving next week, I want to thank each and every community member for being a part of our amazing community, for your valuable time that you give to help others in our community, and for the thankfulness I feel leading this incredible journey along with our Knowledge Manager, @Ben_Garrison.

Please share your volunteering stories in the comments below. Yes, pictures are very welcome. Let us unite in showing the world that we care!

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Thank you @vcotton17 and Zscaler for the opportunity to contribute to the community and spread goodwill at a time when our neighborhoods need it the most. Happy Thanksgiving!

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