Some cool changes to Zenith Community Navigation

Hello Community Members,

We have spoken to many of you and we have listened. In the next 3-4 months, you will see a series of changes in the way we way-find within our Community. For this first phase, we made the following changes:

New Onboarding area: Yes, we finally have a dedicated onboarding area for our new members. This sub category also has tip and tricks to get to know your way around the community. The highlight is the 10-Step approach to get acquainted.

Member Spotlight area: Every month we feature customers, partners, and employees in our Member Spotlight. Get to know them better! These folks have gone above and beyond in their fields of work, how they support our Community, and how they help their peers on the forums. Nominate, Nominate, Nominate!

Announcements and other Community news: Here you will find Community related news, upcoming events, announcements like this one and product tips and tricks.

Programs: This is a new category designed to highlight our various programs on the Community. The Beta forums and the Solutions Demo Center forum are just a couple examples of the kind of content you will find here.

You can track with our complete Change Log as we continue to improve and enhance the experience on our Community.

UPCOMING: We will be introducing Product-based forums and we will start with Secure Internet Access (ZIA) in January. All our current forums will be realigned to this new strategy.

We are always looking forward to hearing your thoughts, so please drop us a comment below. Thank you!

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We just rolled out the Sidebar functionality. This is on the left side and allows for faster and easier navigation of the community. YOu can expand/collapse the sidebar using the hamburger icon that is located to the left of the header logo.

Please provide feedback as needed

:new: Sidebar

:skull_and_crossbones:Old Menu Bar