South Africa Issues?

Hi all,

In August 2021, my org moved to tunnel 2.0 with cloud firewall. After a few months, we started receiving complaints from the tech team based out of South Africa that the internet was practically unusable. After almost two months of troubleshooting with Zscaler, it was determined that the problem was with Tunnel 2.0 and the ISP, so we ended up creating a separate app profile that would use tunnel 1.0 for in-office SA users, and tunnel 2.0 when users were off the trusted network in SA.

This seemed to work fine for a few months but now we’re back to square one where tunnel 2.0 is causing major latency for SA users regardless of whether they’re in office or remote.

We’ve tried to work with our ISP, but now that this is happening on a larger scale, it’s becoming apparent that it seems to be more of a Zscaler problem. We currently have no fix outside of putting the users back on Tunnel 1.0, which isn’t ideal given its backtracking in terms of our internet security posture.

Do any customers with a presence in South Africa have similar issues? Are there any Zscaler employees that have been receiving similar reports?


Question, have you tried TLS only when using Tunnel 2.0 ?
We’ve seen ISP’s in Netherlands causing issues when using DTLS.
Another strange one with the same ISP is when IPV4 and IPV6 is fully supported then we see latency.

Curious on your results

We tried TLS back in September of last year when we first opened a case about this and spent hours troubleshooting. It didn’t work back then but maybe it’s worth another try given the experience has changed drastically since then. I’ve reached out to our tech team in SA to get some users to test with so I’ll let you know once we get some feedback.

Thanks for the response!

Last one as you’ve done some initial TLS and DTLS testing using Tunnel 2.0, as mentioned we’ve also seen issues when the ISP supports BOTH IPV4 and IPV6 for internet access. When IPV6 is disabled on home router the problem goes away…please share if you have tested this scenario with a single user :slight_smile: