SQL Connection not working after a few hours / afternoon


so we do have a Problem in our Company. I’m using the zScaler Client Connector every day for homeoffice. I made an app that uses an SQL Server which is on a Server hostet in our network. So only accessible through zScaler.
After a few hours beeing connected, or mainly at the afternoon, i cant connect to the SQL DB anymore. RDP works perfektly fine, and also shared drives, and intranet page.
If i restart zScaler or my PC i think because of the reconnecting, it works again.
But every Customer of my app, having to restart the PC or reconnect via zScaler each time is not really an option, its too annoying.
Anyone got a clue what the problem could be?
Anyone else having this problem?

Hello FlexXx, please open a support case so that we can investigate the issue.


Try turning off the Health Check for this application segment.

Thank you!
I assume this can only be done as the administrator of zScaler right? Im just connecting with it to our company intranet, and not managing the zScaler application.
But i will try to make a call with the IT department.
Thanks for the “Health Check” keyword, i can mention that in the call.
Any other things i could try with them to get it working?