SSH disconnects

Hello community,

I am Georgios. Recently, we launched ZPA on 200 users across my company in order to evaluate the product and get their feedback.

We have received a lot of complains from users saying about random connection disconnects. Most of them have 3-4 SSH connections and they say that randomly the connections just drop. That is verified from the ZApp logs as they can see Private Access is enabled (few minutes ago) which means for a reason it was disconnected.

Has anyone else in this community experienced the same problem?

We do have an open ticket with zscaler: 997518

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Hi Georgios,

We did not experience this. Our SSH access is working fine on ZPA. Just curious on, How these servers / app segments are defined? Are they defined with explicit FQDN and ports or these are covered using wildcards app segments? In our experience, some time the wildcard entry servers are having some intermittent connections for certain ports. So thats why i am asking on how these apps are defined in ZPA.

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Hello Reddy,

Thank you for your response.

The application segments are a mixture of FQDNs and wildcards. We have over 1500 entries which most of them are wildcards, we would not be able to administer FQDNs.

Whether the disconnects are coming from a wildcard, I do not know to be honest. However, I will ask the users to provide names of the servers they are having problems and I will figure out.

For now, I will few SSH connection overnight to see if they will be dropped.

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What’s your IDLE CONNECTION TIMEOUT set to in your Timeout Policy?