SSL/TLS Inspection is Critical: How to Overcome Legal and Privacy Objections

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Pre-registration for Zenith Live 2021 is now open, and we encourage you to pre-register today. In this episode to the run up to Zenith Live we’re going to post more of our breakout sessions from the 2020 event. Today’s session covers Zscaler Digital Experience:

SSL/TLS encryption secures more than 80% of internet traffic. That includes the work of hackers, who encrypt malware to make it harder for legacy security systems to detect malicious payloads. In this insightful session, cybersecurity experts Nicolas Casimir, Brad Moldenhauer, and Kevin Schwarz will outline the risk posed by encrypted threats; discuss the business, legal, privacy, and security implications of managing that risk; and share the Zscaler Cloud Platform’s scalable approach to SSL/TLS inspection.

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