Standard Firewall policy to roadwarriors

hi im concerned if the standard fw policy can be applied to road warriors when location is ANy,
the reasons is because in the area where you select the location, “road warrior” is not shown
(though for settings on URL filtering, they show…)

Good question. I was just looking at that problem for our Tunnel 2.0 implementation.

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For Tunnel 2.0 you can use firrwall control policy for roaming users

oh, that’s good.
so road warrior is just not showing?

Road warriors are included by default in “any”. There is an ER pending to get Road Warrior as a criteria/location in firewall policy in case you would like to have specific Firewall policy for Road Warriors that should not apply to other locations.

I think it get’s added as part of 6.0 deployment?

Nop, haven’t seen it.