Standard vs Advance Firewall Feature Clarification

(Naveen) #1

Dear All,

As i understood, for DNS security and controls will required advanced Cloud firewall license.Can you please suggest following Cloud IPS features included in the standard firewall? or required Advance Cloud Firewall? Thank you in advance!

Cloud IPS
• Delivers always-on IPS threat protection and coverage,
regardless of user connection or location
• Inspects all user traffic on and off network, to restore full
visibility into user, app, and internet connections


(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Naveen,
Thanks for your question. Cloud IPS is part of Advanced Cloud Firewall.

Please note that signature/IPS based protections for Proxy (Web/FTP) are included of the Business Bundle as per the current packaging. Advanced Cloud Firewall is part of the Transformation Bundle which includes Cloud IPS for other (non web/FTP) applications.