STEP 5 - How to post content

Are you ready to become an advocate of the Community by being a conversation starter?

You may have searched for a specific topic and did not find what you were looking for. The next step in your journey is to post a question on the forums or create a new topic to share your knowledge.

On the homepage or any top level page, look for the New Topic icon.

Clicking on the icon opens up your editing window.

Enter your title/subject line. The category is preselected when you click the New Topic icon for any specific area on the Community, but you may change this area as well. Add tags by choosing the right one from the drop down menu. Enter the body text for your content. Add code, video links, and use the rich text editor to make your text really stand out.

Hit post and you are all done! Your content will post instantly on the Community. If anyone responds to your post, you will get a notification.

UP NEXT - Accepted Solutions