STEP 6 - Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions are a fabulous way to help our community members with the answers they need. It also recognizes the active and diligent members who invested their time in responding to the post.

Accepting a solution is very easy on our platform. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can accept the right answers to your questions as solutions.

NOTE: Only Authors of the posts and moderators/admins can accept responses as solutions.

Click on your post/topic

Scroll down to the correct response that helped resolve your post/question

Click on the three dots in the bottom of the response, it will open the panel. Click on the Solution check box

Refresh the page, you will now see the highlighted accepted solution immediately below your post

Please try to adopt the good habit of accepting solutions on your questions - this helps the users find answers and increases site credibility for all users.

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