STEP 8 - A few more important things to consider

On your profile dropdown, you will find some additional options that will allow you to view your notifications, your bookmarks, your inbox, and your profile and preferences.

Here is what it looks like -

The first icon on your left is the notifications bell icon. Here is where you will notice if you have received any notifications from your peers or from the Community team. When you log in, it is best practice to scan this area and ensure you have read all your notifications.

The second icon is your Bookmark icon. If you have curated and bookmarked any content while browsing the Community, here is where you will find them.

The third icon is your Community inbox. Here you can see your sent, new, unread, and archived messages.

The fourth icon is your preferences icon. We have already done an in-depth on Subscriptions and notifications.

Be sure to check all these options out.

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