Strange network mapped drive access issue

This issue happened to us twice,

Here is the situation: Internal on-premise AD server and azure cloud virtual AD server. On-premise file storage and zsure file storage.

Case one: we have AD logon scripts mapping the local on premise storage as network drive. When we changed the logon scripts for network mapping drives (DNS name only, same file server). Can not access the mapped drive anymore. We found out the solution is uninstalling the zscaler network adapter.

Case two: Last week, we switched the mapped drive from internal file server to azure filestorage. Everthing seems working, only few users need to reinstall the zscaler. So I forced users to upgrade the zscaler from 3.9.x to 4.1.xx, then most of the users have issues accessing the mapped drive. I need to uninstall the zscaler and install the zscaler again to fix the issue. Few hundred users, really painful.
For the users in the office (By pass zscaler), network reset will take care the issue, but not for remote users. The whole computer is slow and no mapped drive can be accessed until uninstall and reinstall zscaler again.

Can not just reinstall zscaler, must uninstall first.
Other internet access like, no issues at all.
We did test some users, no issues (We didn’t upgrade the zscaler 3.9 to 4.1)
I have AAD devices (No AD joined), no issues.
I have 30 windows CPC computers (No zscaler installed), no issues

Any clues? Thanks.

ZCC 4.1 was a bit buggy so I would avoid that at the moment until an updated version is released.

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