Stuck at SAML question

(Mike) #1

What are the required components to do SAML authentication?

I know that the answer will be idP and Service Provider but it’s wrong.

The other options are directory store, client and SAML auto provisioning.

Can I please get some help? Or is this a trick question.

(Ramesh M) #2

Below article will help you understand more about saml.

Ramesh M

(Vasu Deva) #3

I am stuck at the same question, tool doesn’t seem to accept the correct answer.

@Zscaler team: It would be good, if you can check if the tool has any bug, I am talking about “SAML Quiz” in “Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional - Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) eLearning” for above said question.

(Mike) #4

After multiple attempts, I’m still stuck at that question.

It is not accepting any answer.

(Arne Diaz) #5

Copying Chris Leach who should be able to help.

(Chris Leach) #6

Hi there. The question is looking for:

Directory Store
Service Provider