Stuck on Virtual Service Edge benefits question


I would like to ask on what’s the answer for this question:

What are some of the benefits of a Virtual Service Edge? (Select all that apply)

  • Software updates are managed by Zscaler
  • Solves issues where there is high latency from a location to a public ZEN
  • Solves issues where a Public ZEN is not the same region as the location and the users do not get localized content
  • Solves issue where users wish to roam between locations without re-authenticating.
  • Solves issue where access to an Extranet is based on the customer source IP.

Hope that it will be answered. Thank you very much.

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Hi Peter,

A Virtual Service Edge can help with all of the above except the one about users roaming between locations. Zscaler handles that use case regardless of traffic forwarding method.

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