Support for Certificate-based authentication with Zapp

(Alex) #1

Does ZScaler support cert-based authentication with Zapp?

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Alex,

On it’s own, no. But if your IDP is configured to require a client certificate this can be used. The IDP auth page will prompt the client device to provide the certificate and if it exists it should automatically use it or prompt the user to choose the certificate.

There are some platform limitations on this, for example it’s not always possible on iOS that a webview within a third party app like ours has access to the certificate store to use these certificates.



(Alex) #3

Thanks Dave.
I don’t think Okta supports certificate based authentication yet.

(Andreas Kopplinger) #4


my customer is looking for a ZAPP - certificate based login for iOS devices. They are using AzureAD.
Does someone know, if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

cu Andreas