Suspecting SMB 2.0 is causing a problem with file shares/ any good testing methods?

I am having a problem with file shares being slow across ZPA from the West Coast to the East Coast. It seems to be nailed down to file shares and we are running SMB 2.0. I am having trouble devising a good method to prove it is indeed SMB 2.0.
If only I could trend it over ZDX…
Anybody have any good suggestion/tool on proving we are having high SMB latency?

Hi Cole,

  1. SMB 2.0 only or is DFS involved ?
  2. So SMB 2.0 performance is fine on West Coast?
  3. SMB 2.0 hosted in cloud or on-prem ?
  4. DLP or AV config variations ?

The first thing I would check is ZPA diags to make sure the proper connector (close to the file server) is being used.

SMB is not known to be a good performer over high latency. You may want to consider http based file storage solutions.

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  • SMB 2.0 and DFS (Windows server clusters hosting shared drives)
  • The majority of people are on the East Coast (DC Area) and that is where the SAN that the shares live on resides. Its all on-prem at this point.
  • app connectors are on the same vlan as the file servers (confirmed this already)

The more I dig into it, the more it seems that SMB is just a terrible protocol for file shares across the WAN. We didn’t see the problem over VPN because of those obvious end to end tunneling reasons. We reached out to our Microsoft Premier Services teams to start working on a plan to upgrade from SMB 2.0 to 3.1. Unfortunately, I cannot find any Microsoft native on-prem solutions where we could set up https or something similar and eliminate SMB all together. My assumption with that is they are trying to steer you to OneDrive or SharePoint.
Anyway, thanks for the input.