Technical Video Series for Zenith LIVE 22 - Virtual Community event

Hello Community!

We are looking for feedback from YOU on what short Video topics we can bring to you during Zenith LIVE 2022.

We will be releasing some key videos during Zenith LIVE 22 that will include presentations, how-tos, top community topics, and other technical series on our products and solutions. We want to hear from you on the topics you would like to learn more about. Please comment below and let me know. :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Thank you for your time and input!

@Niokolay_Dimitrov You had some awesome ideas when we spoke.

Hello Vanitha,

Yes, I will make a list:

  1. For the Zscaler Cloud Firewall it will be nice to have a GUI web interface where the clients can write and create custom IPS and application signatures. Maybe also provide the option to upload Snort or Suricata signatures that the Zscaler then can translate to their native language.

  2. For the Zscaler ZPA Inspection feature that is basically a WAF it will also be nice to have more granual control like stopping WAF protections (WAF exclusions) that trigger false positives just for a particular web site, source ip or User-Agent header etc. as to not stop the protection completely but just where it has triggered a false positive. Maybe in the future Bot and DDOS protections can be added.

  3. The Zscaler Workload Segmentation agent can also include a WAF like the ZPA Inspection feature or a RASP, so it protect from attacks comming from Internet as ZIA protects the traffic from the Workstations/servers to Internet, ZPA protects the traffic between corporate workstations/servers in different regions and ZWS protects the traffic between Workstations/servers that are in the same Data Center or VPC but there is no solution for traffic comming from Internet to the public web servers.

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