Temporary Proxy Change

We utilize the Zapp, with no tunnels in place.

I have a user who manually changes proxy settings in Firefox for geo-location testing of sites, to verify that correct versions of web pages are loading from specific locations. The Zapp is, obviously, preventing this manually proxy change from happening. Is there any solution or alternative method to this problem, outside of having the user log out of the Zapp?

Hi Ben,
I have to do this for some of by day to day duties. I found the easiest solution was to use tunnel mode on ZApp, then set the Proxy IP addresses as DIRECT statements App Profile PAC file. As this is a profile setting you can restrict this to only the user group(s) who need such functionality.

You will also need to be sure that enforce-system-proxy is not set, and/or disable Firefox integration.

Hope that helps,
@skottieb :slight_smile: