The Cloud-First Architect at Zenith Live

Our Zenith Live 2019 events in Las Vegas and Lisbon are coming up fast, and I wanted to let you know we’re running a series of breakout sessions for The Cloud-First Architect™. These sessions will include many of the speakers you’ve seen here in the community.

To give you a feel for what you can expect here is a quick preview of the sessions we have planned for The Cloud-First Architect:

  • Architecting for a Secure, Cloud-enabled Network (HQ, Branch, Mobile Workforce) - Learn about the design options and best practices for securing multi-Gig HQs, internet-only offices, and 4G/5G mobile devices.
  • Understanding the Gartner Zero Trust Network Architecture - ZTNA, SDP, zero trust – find out what the hype is about and how to provide secure access to apps in multiple clouds and access to industrial controls and computer systems without NGFWs.
  • An Architect’s Guide to Securing Access to Multi-Clouds - Learn how Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and Zscaler App (Z App) can provide seamless access in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • A new approach to edge connectivity - Understand how Zscaler and SD-WAN simplify and secure local internet breakouts.
  • Handling SSL and TLS 1.3 at Scale While Maintaining Privacy - Learn to perform SSL/TLS inspection at scale to handle an increasingly encrypted world, and separating fact from fiction with TLS 1.3.

You can sign up for Zenith Live and see the detailed agendas at Each event site has a detailed agenda with our keynote speakers and breakout sessions. A quick reminder that community members receive a 25% discount using the code ZLIVE-COMMUNITY when registering.

Finally, if your organization has an interest in speaking at Zenith Live, Zscaler Academy, or here on The Cloud-First Architect please send me a private message. We’re always interested in sharing our customers transformation stories, and I would love to have our community members leading the way.