The local traffic isn't being captured by fiddler

Hello Techies,
My user is a developer and using fiddler to trace the internet and local traffic.
I have set up wverything as described in article- Using Fiddler with Zscaler Client Connector | Zscaler . He is now able to capture Internet traffic via fiddler but not the local(intranet) traffic. Please suggest what needs to be checked here?
I have selected forwarding modes as “tunnel with LP” with packet filter driver and used custom pac there( as described in article).

if i would face such an issue I would first try to remove the PROXY ${ZAPP_LOCAL_PROXY} in the return statement as no “backup” is required forwarding profile pac, everything should always use fiddler. Maybe PROXY ${ZAPP_LOCAL_PROXY} is only required to survive “verify pac file” or other plausibility checks of Zscaler. In that case, I would try to leave it in or to put it in an if-statement that almost never triggers.
Then I would check, if all “DIRECT” statements that are used for “bypass” the internal RFC1918 traffic are also removed in order to send this traffic to fiddler and fiddler is configured to forward internet traffic to ZCC and intranet traffic “direct”.
If the user opens the developer tools of the browser and selects “network” tab, what is shown in the table, if “remote address” column is active? I guess that for external as well as internal traffic the local fiddler address and port should be seen.

Best regards