The network architect’s guide to accelerating mergers & acquisitions with a software-defined perimeter

(Nathan Howe) #1

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are one of the most difficult things you will deal with as a network architect. Taking two systems that were never designed to work together and combining them as quickly as possible often leads to poor user experience. There long-term goal to merge systems and move everyone to a single unified platform takes time and planning that is often not available before everyone needs to start working together.

The software-defined perimeter (SDP) model gives us a new tool to use to get everyone up and running. Because SDP focuses on the application over the network it allows us to move much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. Instead of giving users access to our network, we give them access to our apps.

In this guide I’ll cover a number of topics including:

  • Architectural differences between incumbent access technology and SDP
  • A look at a reference architecture for deploying SDP during an M&A
  • The phases to consider when adopting SDP across multiple entities
  • Pro-tips and considerations for accelerating the IT integration process during M&A with SDP

network-architects-guide-to-accelerating-mergers-acquisitions.pdf (1.0 MB)

If you need a quick primer to SDP take a look at @skottieb’s post on Understand the SDP Architecture here on the community at Understanding the SDP Architecture, and @zoltan’s The Network Architect’s Guide to Adopting a Software-Defined Perimeter.

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