The New Customer Center and Zscaler Academy

Welcome to the NEW! Zscaler Customer Success Center and Zscaler Academy!) This video will introduce you to new resources available to our customers. Zscaler launched Zscaler Academy and the Customer Success Center to help our customers, partners, and guests grow and excel in their transformation journey.

A big part of this program is our renewed approach to Certification, we have revamped our certification content and process to ensure our content is relevant and up-to-date!

Register for your Zscaler Academy account and check out our new certifications.


00:00 - Welcome to the Zscaler Customer Success Center; our one-stop-shop where you will find the tools and resources to begin and excel in your transformation journey with Zscaler.

00:11 - Let’s take a look at some of the resources available.
Here you’ll find

  • A curated list of helpful links, resources, and tools
  • Featured new content to keep you up to date on our latest products, features, and use cases.
  • Highlighted training to guide you in your learning journey.


  • Quick links to our community programs so you can get involved with other customers

00:36- If you’re new to the Success center get started by checking our newest blog or sign-up for a community program! From there jump over to Zscaler Academy; our new learning platform.
00:48 - Here in Zscaler Academy you can grow your skills and drive your business forward with Zscaler.
00:54 - You can embark on a journey specific to your role.
00:58 - Within that learning journey, you will see all the learning paths and exams needed to become certified.
01:05 - For every course completed, you will earn points you can later redeem for amazing prizes.
01:13 - When you select a course you can see all the details of that course including how many points you will earn and the lessons included. With a simple click, you can get started.
01:26 - When ready, you can come back to take your certification exam to test and validate the knowledge you’ve gained.
01:33 - you’ll be invited to easily share your certification to the world on LinkedIn
01:39 - To redeem the points you’ve accumulated for completing training and certifications, you can head over to Zscaler Ascent - our gamification platform.
01:48 - Here you will see the badges you’ve accumulated based on the number of courses, certifications, and your overall engagement within the Academy.
02:04 - You can then redeem those points in the rewards store for gift cards, zscaler swag, and other amazing prizes and experiences.
02:13 - There will always be more points to earn prizes to claim so that everyone is encouraged to continue on their Zscaler learning journey.
02:20 - Courseware, webinars, featured content and resources will be constantly refreshed to make sure you are staying up to date to enable you learn about how to make the most of your Zscaler Platform.