Thoughts on top challenges with traditional data protection

With the proliferation of cloud apps, data now lives in your various applications, and employees access this data from several remote locations. This makes traditional data protection controls inadequate in controlling your data.

Here is just a small list of challenges on how traditional data protection controls are unable to help you control your data.

:small_red_triangle_down: Unable to properly follow your users due to your cloud apps being accessed from any number of locations. Which means, no longer within your network or controls.

:small_red_triangle_down: Visibility into compliance within cloud apps is difficult because your cloud apps are spread across multiple locations. This means you have no state awareness of compliance.

:small_red_triangle_down: Traditional data protection approaches are unable to inspect SSL/TLS traffic. With most traffic being encrypted, not being able to inspect SSL/TLS traffic leaves you blind to potential risks.

:small_red_triangle_down: Point solutions turn into “spaghetti stacks” with time. This creates unnecessary complexity and doesn’t provide a unified view needed to understand exposure.

These challenges alone are already reasons to look for better solutions. If you then add in the complexity and knowledge gaps in order to solve these problems, you end up with a project that appears to always have a constrain on resources.

What other challenges have you experienced with traditional data protection controls? Interested in learning more about what experienced professionals in the day-to-day can share about these hurdles.

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Few things would mind a perfect enterprises DLP.

  1. Endpoint DLP which should capable of handle managed , unmanaged , USB protection and so on.
  2. DLP should capable of protect enterprises emails.
  3. More granular controls with DLP and CASB actions like quarantine, remove , read only and so on.

Great if Zscaler team can create a playbook from DLP discussion , assessment, deployment, fine tune and steady state handling. I noticed that no one have a complete picture about the use case which Zscaler can do with the help of data protection modules like DLP , OOB CASB , inline CASB etc.

Great to have all use cases articulated in a single document which will increase the confidence of the product in front of the customer.

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Ramesh I truly appreciate your comments in the post above. And what’s really great is that many of those capabilities you are looking for and more are now available. We actually have a full launch event scheduled that I encourage you to attend. For Americas region this is on 10/18/22.

Some of the key highlights from the launch:

Zscaler in-line classification, providing customers insights into the types of files whether medical, financial etc that are being sent out of their organization and who is sending them.

DLP for endpoint with functionality for print, usb and more

DLP for downloads

Expanded user behavior analytics capabilities

DLP for private applications

And more…

Here is the recording from the launch

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