To enforce remote restarts of the client machine via ZPA

Is there a way over ZPA to enforce remote restarts of client machines? Also, is there a way to know which machines have turned off their Private Access?

You could download the Recent users list from the ZPA portal to see who has recently disconnected due to auth timeouts or turning the app off. as far as reboots i think that might be considered part of the server to client communications that is on the Roadmap from Zscaler.

Sajitha, can you describe your use case in more detail? What is the motivation to restart remote device periodically?

Mainly we wanted to force restart of some machines to enforce some startup scripts as although users were asked to restart their machines, sometimes it is difficult to get them do it on time to get some compliance.

Sajitha, thanks for the details. I have made a note of this and added details to the ER for tracking.