Total Packet Sent/Receiving showing 0

I am not able to get get application access though Zscaler Private access is showing connected.
Total Packet Sent showing 0

Total Packet Receiving showing 0

Did all below steps to resolved: But still not working.

Restarted system multiple times
Restarted Zscaler Service Multiple times
Connected wired/wireless both ways
Zscaler Unnstalled and Reinstalled

I assume you are just setting up ZPA for the first time? If so, have you defined an app segment and access policy for the app you are trying to access?

Step-by-Step Configuration Guide for ZPA | Zscaler

There are chances of interoperability with any other solutions. Sometimes I used to see the host files are using to control DNS resolution for internal applications which is set it up for their existing solution to work perfect ( DNS server may not directly resolve those FQDNs)