Traffic Flow from a customer server to zscaler

I would like to understand traffic flow hop by hop. We plan on building GRE tunnels from our router to Zen Node.

Server-----Router------GRE-------Zen Node (Traffic Cleansing)----Internet

I would like to know:
a) If on Zen Node any Natting is done form my taffic
b) If no natting is done then does that mean that return traffic will will be sent directly to my router thus a case of Asymmetric routing

Hi @Saurav_Khanna, welcome to Zscaler community.

With regard to your NAT questions, the Zscaler ZEN will NAT traffic as part of the FW/Proxy service, main the ZEN will always be in the return path. We need to do this to properly screen/filter/analyze payloads for malicious happenings.