Traffic forwarding Chrome OS to zScalerGov

What is zScaler recomendation to forward the traffic from Chrome-OS based devices (no support for Android apps) to zScalerGov?

What do you mean no support for Android Apps? You can deploy ZAPP on Android using Intune and another MDMs. If you’re running pre V 10 for Android using SSL inspection is a little bit of a headache for all the bypassing.

The question was about Chrome OS with hardware not capable to run Android apps.

GRE or IPSEC tunnels

@GordonWright I’m not sure if ChromeOS can support GRE or IPSec tunnels natively. @dcreedy Can we use Zscaler Cloud Connect Client Android application running on Chrome OS to redirect the traffic to zScalerGov cloud?
I presume FIPS mode is supported with ZScaler Cloud Connect. @dcreedy could you confirm?